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This publication has been produced with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of (Re)discovery of Horses and can in no way reflect the views of the NA and the commission. Project number 2015-1-AT01-KA219-004961_1


AGENDA OF THE PROJECT: ‘(Re) discovery of horses’

26th – 29th October 2015 DOBRICH, BULGARIA

Transnational project meeting


  Day         Time     English
          12.50     Arrival of the Denmark delegation
1       16.10     Arrival of the German and Spanish delegations
  Sunday 25October 2015          
        20.45     Arrival of the Italian delegation
            09.30     Getting to know Dobrich- The Old Dobrich; The ethnographic house; Historical museum, Church, The town park, Equestrian monuments in Dobrich (Khan Asparuh, Dobrotitza, st. George)
            12.00     Lunch (not fixed)
  Monday 26October 2015       12.50     Arrival of the Austrian and French delegations
          14.55     Arrival of the Turkish and Portuguese delegation            
          14.00     Initial hellos Dr.Svetla Todorova- school headmistress

Visit a horse riding club in Albena sea resort

Austria and France will join the group in Albena

Turkey and Portugal (probably) will miss the program

          1900     Back to the hotel
            20.00     Dinner (not fixed)

Visit National Stud farm Kabiuk                 http://kabiuk.net/      

1300 years Bulgaria monument

  Tuesday 27 October 2015         13:00     Lunch (not fixed)
            14:30     Madara Rider
            18.00     Back to the hotel
            19.30     Welcome Dinner(The Old Dobrich Restaurant- live music)

Day         Time     English



Wednesday 28

October 2015


Welcome to Vocational High School of Veterinary Medicine, Planning session: Official opening of the work meeting; a short project and participants’ introduction, defining the roles and the responsibilities of the participants at this meeting; Presentation of the participating schools.

Guided tour around the school /visiting some classes/




Departure of the Turkish team

Lunch in a restaurant near the school (offered)

      14:00     Project work (a detailed project planning)
      17:30     Back to the hotel
      19:30     Dinner (not fixed)
          00:00     Departure of the Italian team
          09.30     Hear of the horse in folkore

Thursday 29

October 2015

      10.30     Project evaluation, conclusion, documentation
        11.00     End of the meeting
        13.30     Departure of the Austrian and French delegations

Departure of the German, Spanish,

Portuguese and Danish delegations